Pujiang Factory Flat Back Decorative Drop Glass Stone for Garment

Pujiang Factory Flat Back Decorative Drop Glass Stone for Garment

Crystal glass Round Rhinestones Rivoli Ghost Light Stones for clothing Loose Rhinestones gule On Garment applique Stones

Product Details

We continuously improve our independent innovation capability and vigorously enhance the high-tech content and added value of our Rhinestone Mesh, Resin Flatback Rhinestone, Resin Rhinestones. Our company's corporate culture is our company's core values generally recognized and shared by all employees. We worked hard, with wisdom and hard work, to witness our company's growth history from small to large. Our company will meet the new challenges of the market with unprecedented passion and indomitable enterprising spirit. We serve our customers with professional knowledge, credibility, ethics, steadfastness and diversification, welcome you!

Product Name

Diamond Shaped Rhinestones




K9 glass crystal


Heliotrope,Vitrail Light,Ghost Light,Crystal AB,Crystal


Round rivoli


Pendant Jewelry


Pieces with box


10m, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm


Garments/Hats/Bags/Shoes/Upholstery Decorative etc


Strict QC system for all our products, supply you the best quality

Material: Glass Crystal. Check whether it is glass or plastic, just use a lighter to burn it, you will know.

Colors:Heliotrope,Vitrail Light,Ghost Light,Crystal AB,Crystal

Size:Round 10mm,12mm ,14mm, 16mm

High quality Point back round shaped glass gemstones. Lead Free. It can bearing fire, no deformation or color changed after it.

Application: Super stylish rhinestone can use for jewelry DIY, necklace, bracelet, earrings and formal dress. Color won’t faded not looks cheap at all.

Products show:

high quaity k9 fancy stones(001)

point bac k9 fancy stones

crystal glass k9 fancy stones(001)

crystal k9 fancy stones

glass k9 fancy stones


We integrate and optimize company resources through team adjustments, hoping to provide customers with professional services and reliable, high-quality Pujiang Factory Flat Back Decorative Drop Glass Stone for Garment as always. In the process of striving to realize the corporate vision, we will always pursue a positive corporate image. Warmly welcome to join us, let's innovate together, and fly dreams.
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