Peach Heart Crystal Fancy Loose Jewelry Rhinestone (DZ3015)

Peach Heart Crystal Fancy Loose Jewelry Rhinestone (DZ3015)

Fluorescence AB Loose Rhinestone: the stones can glow under the night.

Product Details

The market recognition of our Flat Back Gemstones, Pearl Rhinestones, Dmc Rhinestones has been steadily increasing benefited from the in-depth advancement in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Now, with the development of internet, and the trend of internationalization, we've got decided to extend business to overseas market. After years of development and operation, our company has established a good cooperative relationship with man enterprises. Our company in line with the quality is the life of the enterprise, we constantly improve the company's services in the development, improve the company's competitiveness in an all-round way and make our company a business card in the field. We maintain the usual rigorous and realistic professionalism to provide customers with top-class products, fast service with a sincere and enthusiastic attitude.

Product Name

Loose rhinestone






7 colors




Flatback; Non hotfix; 2028,


Pieces with plastic bag


ss6 to ss30


Garments/Hats/Bags/Shoes/Upholstery Decorative etc


Strict QC system for all our products, supply you the best quality

Fluorescence AB Recommended reason: This product is exposed to ultraviolet light, it will glow in the dark light, you can also use the mobile phone light to illuminate, it can also produce luminous color, and is a beautiful and interesting product. You can interact with your friends, whether it is day or night, this product is very beautiful, special, you can decorate your nail art, you can decorate your clothing.

The best light absorption effect is: white base, light blue base, light green base, pink base The second effect is: rose, green, yellow Buyer attention: If you like color effects, you can choose any one. But the fastest option to absorb light is white, but all of these colors will glow, just because of the process problems, some of the colors need to absorb light for a longer period of time. white base Usually 15 seconds of light can illuminate.

The duration of the luminous effect is relatively short. The brightness and luminous duration are determined according to the light absorption effect. After the we test is successful, the sales are started. Please feel free to purchase, contact us with any questions, hope that we can make better products.

Products show:

fluorescent loose rhinestone for nail

fluorescent rhinestone

fluorescent loose rhinestone

brightest rhinestone


After years of production practice, combined with reasonable suggestions from users, we continue to update, improve and perfect the original Peach Heart Crystal Fancy Loose Jewelry Rhinestone (DZ3015). The products are now sold throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions. Through continuous progress, innovation, and development, our company has made our products the trusted choice of users with good performance, reasonable prices and considerate services! We provide every customer with high-quality products, reasonable prices and timely after-sales service.
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