What Is Zircon

- Mar 08, 2021-

What is zircon? Zircon is rhinestone?

I have always thought that zircon is a fake diamond made by hand...

Do you think so too?

Zircon is blacked out by synthetic cubic zirconia. In fact, zircon is good in all aspects of hardware.

Zircon is actually a natural gem

Zircon may be the most wronged gem in the world. I don’t know when, people started to call all imitation diamonds zircon, thinking that zircon is synonymous with diamond imitations and rhinestones, and immediately shook their heads and left when they heard zircon.

But what most people don't know is that zircon is actually a very good natural gemstone, which is better than many popular gemstones in terms of the nature of the gemstone.