What Is The Difference Between Rhinestones And Hot Rhinestones

- Nov 12, 2020-

Both rhinestones and hot fix rhinestones are commonly used products in clothing accessories. Many people will ask what is the difference between hot rhinestones and rhinestones?

Rhinestones are a collective term. Rhinestones are crystals because the color is white. Rhinestones are generally divided into domestic and Austrian ones. The more famous one is Swarovski crystals. Therefore, it is usually said that rhinestones can be divided into flat bottom and pointed bottom. Hot fix rhinestone belong to the flat bottom category, but there is adhesive on the back. When using it, you need to use the machine to heat the object. Among the rhinestones, the best quality is the Swarovski flat bottom diamonds, and the most common ones are domestic diamonds (glass) or acrylic diamonds.

Hot transfer motif is a kind of clothing accessories. Hot fix rhinestone can be used to form a Hot transfer motif. The Hot transfer motif is a special pattern formed by hot fix diamonds and glued to the adhesive paper, and then pressed on the clothing material (including: T-shirt, sweater, denim or Other clothing and shoes, hats and bags) are more common.