Rhinestone classification

- Dec 22, 2020-

1. Color classification

White diamonds, colored diamonds (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), colored diamonds (also called AB diamonds), colored AB diamonds (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.).

2. Shape classification

Ordinary diamonds, special-shaped diamonds, and special-shaped diamonds can be divided into diamond-shaped diamonds (horseeye), trapezoidal diamonds, satellite stones, and bottomless diamonds.

3. Other categories

1. Swarovski rhinestones

The cutting surface can be as many as 30, so the refractive index is extremely high, and the height of the reflection is deep. Because of its strong hardness, the gloss remains long-lasting, and it is the best among rhinestones. The "Swarovski" rhinestone was produced in Austria in 1895. It is famous for its unique crystal stone setting. At the end of the 18th century, Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic crystal cutting machine and appeared on the market. Since then, the shape of the crystal can be ever-changing, allowing the hidden poetic charm to be fully displayed. Swarovski is not only synonymous with man-made crystal products, but also a cultural symbol. It has an irreplaceable value, that is-fun. Swarovski has many branches all over the world, so Swarovski only represents a quality, not necessarily produced in Austria.

2. Czech rhinestones

The diamond cutting surface is generally more than ten, so the refraction effect is better, and it can refract very dazzling light. Its hardness is strong, and the gloss is maintained for about three years, second only to the Austrian diamond.

3. Middle East rhinestones and domestic rhinestones, etc.

This kind of rhinestones are low-cost rhinestones manufactured by some manufacturers to cater to the market, and the quality is lower than that of Czech rhinestones.

In general, rhinestones are arranged according to quality and price:

Austrian diamonds (also known as SWAROVSKI Swarovski), Czech diamonds, Korean diamonds, domestic A diamonds, domestic B diamonds. However, Korean diamonds are also graded. Really imported Korean diamonds are brighter than the so-called "Czech diamonds" because they have been polished on the side and look very bright and have good light transmittance.