The General Name Of Crystal Rhinestones

- Apr 14, 2020-

In life, crystal rhinestones we often use all kinds of glass products, such as glass windows,crystal rhinestones glass cups, glass sliding doors, etc. Glass products are both aesthetically pleasing and practical,crystal rhinestones not only attractive with their crystal clear appearance,crystal rhinestones but also making full use of hard and durable physical properties. In addition to making doors and windows,crystal rhinestones optical lenses and other products, glass is often used to produce rhinestones. Next,crystal rhinestones we will introduce what materials the rhinestone is made of, and introduce the difference between glass and diamond to help you distinguish.

When many friends buy jewelry, they often hear the word "diamond",crystal rhinestones which probably understands the meaning of imitation diamonds. In fact, rhinestones are just a generic term for imitation diamonds,crystal rhinestones and rhinestones have many distinctions. So what exactly is the so-called "diamond"? How is it different from real diamonds? Here are the types of "diamonds" that you usually see on the market: