Several Materials Similar To Rhinestones

- Apr 12, 2020-

Zircon: Before the appearance of artificial cubic zirconia,rhinestones zircon was the best diamond substitute. Zircon has strong birefringence,rhinestones that is, it has two refractive indexes,rhinestones and the difference between the two refractive indexes is large. As a result, a very special optical phenomenon occurs. When observing the polished zircon facet gemstone with a magnifying glass, the top face can be seen that the bottom face and the ridge line have a clear double shadow.rhinestones Since diamonds are "homogeneous bodies", there is no double shadow.rhinestones Cubic zirconia (ie, "Soviet diamond"): This is the most ideal diamond substitute or fake product first introduced by the former Soviet Union.rhinestones It is a man-made compound without natural minerals.

Cubic zirconia is very similar to natural diamond in refractive index and dispersion.rhinestones But its hardness is lower (8.5), the specific gravity is 1.6-1.7 times of diamond,rhinestones up to 5.6-6, and its thermal conductivity is much lower than diamond, so it can still be accurately distinguished from diamond by instrument. Everyone finally understands the concept of "diamond". Except that the glass in "diamond" is easier to distinguish,rhinestones the other "diamond" generally depends on the gloss. Under normal circumstances, under natural light,rhinestones the brilliance of diamonds is unmatched by "diamond" imitations (but there are exceptions, such as strontium titanate rhinestones and moissanite,rhinestones which are even more brilliant than real diamonds). It is recommended that when buying everyday, if you are really inaccurate,rhinestones do not buy or buy under the guarantee of a certificate issued by a testing agency with professional authority.