- Mar 08, 2021-

What is rhinestone?

The full name of rhinestone is actually called crystal diamond, but it is neither crystal nor diamond, but refers to all diamond-like materials. There are several common materials for rhinestones, including glass, artificial crystal, topaz, zircon, synthetic cubic zirconia, etc. Most of the jewelry you see in boutiques is made of rhinestones. There are also many local tyrants' decorations, similar to cars and stairs.


It is not only called rhinestones, but can also be called Austrian diamonds, Czech diamonds, Korean diamonds, domestically produced A diamonds, domestically produced B diamonds, etc.

The color and quality of rhinestones are different, and the luster will also be quite different. For example, the luster of Czech diamonds can be maintained for three years, while some rhinestones appear to have no brilliance, just a transparent object.