Precautions For Pearl Maintenance

- Apr 05, 2020-

Not close to clean water: Do not clean pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the small holes of the bead,Pearls which is not only difficult to dry, but may also ferment the inside,Pearls and the bead line may turn green. If you sweat a lot when wearing it, you can wipe it off with a soft and wet towel,Pearls dry it naturally and put it back in the jewelry box. After the pearl turns yellow,Pearls you can remedy it by soaking it in dilute hydrochloric acid to dissolve the yellowing shell and make the pearl reappear the bright and beautiful color. But if the color turns yellow so badly,Pearls it is difficult to reverse.

Need air: Do not put the pearl in the safe for a long time,Pearls and do not seal it with plastic bags. There is a need for fresh air between the pearls,Pearls which should be taken out and worn every few months to allow them to breathe. If the pearl is easily yellowed in the box for a long time ("People's Pearl Yellow",Pearls this is what it means.)

Avoid exposure: Since pearls contain a certain amount of moisture, they should be placed in a cool place,Pearls try to avoid direct sunlight in the sun, or placed in a dry place to avoid dehydration. Anti-scratching: Store pearl jewelry separately to avoid scratching the pearl skin of other jewelry. If you plan to wear the bead chain on the clothes,Pearls the texture of the clothes should be soft and smooth. Too rough material may scratch your precious pearls. Flat storage: Do not hang the bead chain for a long time. After a long time,Pearls the silk thread will be slack and deformed,Pearls and it should be stored flat.

Pearl ring: When removing the pearl ring, grasp the handle or metal part of the ring,Pearls do not use beads as a bearing place, this can avoid the loosening of the bearing surface of the pearl,Pearls and also prevent the dirt and skin in your hands The secreted oil sticks to the beads.

Regular inspection,Pearls thread change for 3 years: The silk thread is easy to loosen after a long time, you can check whether the silk thread is loose and replace the silk thread once every 1-2 years;Pearls it is best to re-pearl the string every 3 years, of course,Pearls depending on the number of wearing It depends. Dirt that enters the small hole of the bead will produce friction, causing the nylon thread to break,Pearls and the broken position will be close to the button.