Please Pay Attention To The Difference Between Rhinestone And Zircon When Buying

- Apr 13, 2020-

According to the color,rhinestones the high-type zircon can be further divided into: colorless, blue,rhinestones red, brown, yellow, green zircon and so on. Because of its strong luster, high dispersion and high hardness,rhinestones zircon is often used as a substitute for diamonds. Has become a leader in low-end gems.

The difference between zircon and similar gemstones: zircon is easily mixed with diamond, sphene,rhinestones and artificial rutile. The difference between them is that diamonds are homogeneous bodies, dark in polarizers,rhinestones and high in hardness; sphene and artificial rutile have higher birefringence and dispersion than zircon, and often appear "fire color".

Evaluation and purchase of zircon: The main factors are color,rhinestones clarity, cutting style and weight. The most popular colors of zircon are colorless and blue,rhinestones with blue being more valuable. Colorless zircon: It is the highest quality variety of gem grade zircon. Because of its high dispersion, transparent and colorless, rhinestones it is commonly used as a substitute for diamonds. Blue zircon: It is a high-quality variety of zircon with the highest value. It is favored by bright blue,rhinestones transparent and flawless and high dispersion. Zircon is brittle, and its hardness is much lower than diamonds,rhinestones so you must be careful when wearing it as a jewelry.