Pearl Taboo

- Apr 06, 2020-

Pearl jewelry has unparalleled beauty,Pearls many friends will wear their own unique pearl jewelry. However,Pearls due to the various properties of pearls, there are many things to pay attention to during the wearing process,Pearls especially water.

Although pearls and water have an inseparable relationship,Pearls pearl jewelry is afraid of water, so do not wear pearl jewelry whether it is swimming, bathing or exercising,Pearls because if water penetrates into the pearl jewelry, it will cause the pearl layer to detach and damage pearl.

Secondly, pearl jewelry is afraid of boredom,Pearls so pearl jewelry cannot be placed in a sealed jewelry box for a long time. Even if it is not worn,Pearls the pearl jewelry should be regularly ventilated to prevent the pearl from turning yellow. Moreover,Pearls pearl jewelry is particularly afraid of acid and alkali, so friends are advised not to wear pearl jewelry to the kitchen,Pearls or wear pearl jewelry makeup, and never let pearl jewelry touch perfume and nail polish. Pearls are soft,Pearls so pearl jewelry is afraid of being hard. Never put pearl jewelry and some sharp objects together to avoid scratches.

Finally,Pearls pearl jewelry is particularly afraid of heat. Excessive heat will accelerate the decomposition of pearl pearls,Pearls so don't expose your pearl jewelry to light. Wrap the pearl jewelry with a clean soft cloth when storing.