Pearl's Development History

- Apr 16, 2020-

China is one of the earliest countries in the world to use pearls. As early as more than 4,000 years ago,Pearls there were records in the "Shangshu Yugong" that the river mussel can produce pearls, "Book of Songs", "Shan Hai Jing", "Erya",Pearls The contents of pearls are also recorded in the Book of Changes. Pearls are divided into natural pearls and artificially cultured pearls according to their causes. Natural pearls mainly refer to the pearls naturally formed in the shells of mussels and mussels. Traditionally,Pearls people divide pearls into three types: seawater pearls, freshwater pearls,Pearls and artificial pearls. Freshwater pearls refer to pearls produced in rivers and rivers.

China's pearl culture technology is very mature,Pearls and the price of pearls is correspondingly popular. China is a veritable ancient pearl country in the world. According to "Shangshu·Yugong": "Huaiyi Binzhu",Pearls it shows that the history of pearling in China started as early as the Xia Yu era 4,000 years ago. The Huaihe River produced freshwater pearls. At that time,Pearls pearls were also designated as tributes. "Gezhi Jingyuan·Zhuangtai Ji" records the historical fact that Zhou Wenwang decorated the bun with pearls. Therefore,Pearls it is generally believed that pearl decoration in my country started in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Since Qin and Han Dynasties,Pearls pearl decoration has become more common. Pearls have become a luxury for the court officials and nobles.Pearls The emperor has begun to accept pearls. The East Han Dynasty Guiyang Taishou Wensong offered "beads and beggars" to the Hanshun Emperor. The royal princes of the Western Han Dynasty also widely used pearls. Pearls became a symbol of honor.

During the Western Renaissance, Pearls the famous painting "The Birth of Venus" vividly portrayed the mythical story of pearl formation: The goddess Venus slowly emerged from the sea with a giant shell that spread slowly. Instantly turned into white pearls, lifelike, Pearls giving people a feeling of beauty.

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