Pearl-producing Shellfish

- Apr 17, 2020-

It is a warm-sea benthic shellfish with two shells,Pearls ranging from left to right. The left shell is slightly larger than the right shell,Pearls and the depression is deeper than the right shell. The length of the shell is almost equal to the height, Pearls usually about 6 to 7 cm in height,Pearls and the larger one can be more than 10 cm. The front ear process is large and short,Pearls and the rear ear process is long. The shell surface is yellowish brown with black radial stripes. The growth level is obvious. It has dense scales and is easy to break. It is relatively smooth near the top of the shell. The shell is white or light yellow in color and rich in pearl luster. The edge of the shell is thin and yellowish brown,Pearls and there are 1 to 2 main teeth straight at the hinge. Ligaments are slender and brown. The muscle marks of the closed shell are large,Pearls slightly ear-shaped, and almost located in the center of the shell. The top of the shell is located at the front end,Pearls close to each other. The foot is small, can produce silk thread,Pearls and protrude from the small hole in front of the right shell. Attached to the reef sand. When mother-of-pearl and mussel grow in water,Pearls if they accidentally encounter fine sand or hard organisms into the outer membrane of the shell, after the outer membrane is stimulated, it feels uncomfortable,Pearls and the secretion of nacre is gradually surrounded by Sand particles or creatures that have penetrated into the outside,Pearls and they have grown into pearls.

Cultured pearls also use this principle. Generally, individuals of about 3 years of age are used to perform nuclear insertion surgery, and the sand is intentionally placed,Pearls so that the outer membrane feels uncomfortable and secretes many true pearls to coat these incoming sands, thus forming artificial pearls. Even the inputs are artificially made into various shapes,Pearls and the resulting cultured pearls are also various. Produced in the warm sea 1 ~ 10 meters deep. The larval habitat area is relatively shallow,Pearls and gradually moves toward the deep sea area when it grows up. Mainly distributed in Hainan Island and other coastal areas in Guangdong.

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