New York Fashion Week

- Mar 03, 2021-

In 1943, due to the influence of World War II, people in the fashion industry could not go to Paris to watch French fashion shows, and New York Fashion Week was born in the United States. It has therefore become the oldest fashion week in the world.

development path

In the early days, New York Fashion Week focused on showing the designs of American designers, because their designs have been ignored by professional fashion reports. Interestingly, fashion buyers were initially not allowed to watch the fashion show, they could only visit the designer's showroom.

New York Fashion Week has gradually achieved success, and Vogue magazine, which was full of French fashion reports, has also begun to increase its coverage of the American fashion industry.

In 1993, New York Fashion Week began to be held in Bryant Park, Manhattan, New York. The catwalks were housed in white tents, and only invited buyers, industry insiders, media and celebrities from all walks of life could enter.