New Year's Day

- Jan 01, 2021-

Western New Year's Day: In 46 BC, the ancient Roman Caesar set this day as the beginning of the Western New Year. In order to bless the double-faced god "Janus", the door god in Roman mythology, "Janus" later evolved into the English January "January" "this phrase.

United Kingdom: The day before New Year's Day, every household must have wine in the bottle and meat in the cupboard. The British believe that if there is no meat and wine left, they will be poor in the coming year. In addition, the United Kingdom also popularizes the custom of "drilling well water" in the New Year. People strive to be the first to fetch water, thinking that the first person to fetch water is a happy person, and the water drawn is auspicious water.

Belgium: In Belgium, on the morning of New Year's Day, the first thing in the countryside is to pay a New Year greeting to the animals. People walked to animals such as cows, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, etc., and confessed to these creatures: "Happy New Year!"

Germany: During the New Year's Day of the Germans, every family will place a fir tree and a horizontal tree. The leaves are full of silk flowers, which means that the flowers are like a brocade and the world is full of spring. They climbed onto the chairs at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and as soon as the bell rang, they jumped off the chairs and threw a heavy object behind the chairs to show off the misfortune and jump into the New Year. In the German countryside, there is also a New Year custom of "climbing trees competition", to show that they are making progress.

France: The New Year is celebrated with wine. People start to drink and drink from New Year's Eve until January 3rd. The French believe that the weather on New Year's Day heralds the new year. On the early morning of New Year's Day, they went to the streets to watch the wind direction and fortunetelling: the southerly wind indicates that the wind is good and the rain is good. This year will be safe and hot; the westerly wind, there will be a good harvest year for fishing and milking; the easterly wind, the fruit will be productive; the north Wind is a year of poor harvest.

Italy: New Year's Eve in Italy is a carnival night. When night begins, thousands of people flock to the streets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks, and even firing real guns. Men and women danced until midnight. Every family picked up old things, shattered some things that could be broken in the house, and smashed them to pieces. The old pots, bottles and jars were all thrown out of the door to express their bad luck and troubles. This is their traditional way of leaving the old year and celebrating the New Year. [6]

Switzerland: The Swiss have the habit of exercising on New Year's Day. Some of them go hiking in groups, standing on the top of the mountain facing the ice and snow, singing loudly for the good life; some skiing along the long slopes in the mountains and forests, as if looking for The road to happiness; some hold stilt competitions, men, women, and children, and wish each other good health. They greet the new year with fitness.

Romania: On the eve of New Year's Day, people erected tall Christmas trees in the square and set up the stage. The citizens sang and danced while burning fireworks. Rural people are pulling wooden ploughs, decorated with various colored flowers, to celebrate the New Year.

Bulgaria: When dining on New Year's Day, whoever sneezes will surely bring happiness to the whole family. The owner promised him the first sheep, cow or foal to wish him happiness to the whole family.

Greece: On New Year's Day, every family will make a big cake with a silver coin inside. The owner cuts the cake into several pieces and distributes them to family members or visiting relatives and friends. Whoever eats the cake with silver coins becomes the luckiest person in the new year. Everyone congratulates him.

Spain: On the eve of New Year's Day, the Spaniards all family members get together to celebrate with music and games. As midnight approached, the twelve o'clock bell had just started to ring, and everyone was vying to eat grapes. If 12 can be eaten by the bell, it means that every month of the New Year will be all right.