Natural Pearls And Cultured Pearls

- Apr 10, 2020-

In animals such as shellfish or mussels,Pearls natural secretions without human factors. They are composed of calcium carbonate (mainly aragonite), organic matter (mainly shell sclerotin) and water, etc. 

The radial structure of the concentric layer is pearly luster. According to different growing waters,Pearls it can be divided into natural seawater pearls and natural freshwater pearls. The natural pearls produced in seawater are natural seawater pearls.

The formation of nacre in animals such as shellfish or mussels. The nacre is a concentric layer or a concentric layer of radial structure. It consists of calcium carbonate (mainly aragonite),Pearls organic matter (mainly shell scleroin) and water.

Etc. For all cultured pearls,Pearls the nacre is formed by the secretions of living mollusks. Manual intervention is just to start the process,Pearls whether it is inserted into the core or inserted.

According to the different growth waters,Pearls it can be divided into seawater cultured pearls and freshwater cultured pearls.