Maple Pearl

- Apr 18, 2020-

The pearl-crested crested mussel is a half-pearl,Pearls also known as Mabe beads, bun beads and semi-round beads. Generally, after collecting the cultured pearls,Pearls insert the prefabricated half-shaped bead core into the inner wall of the shell, so that the convex surface faces the shell of the mother-of-pearl,Pearls and the plane is close to the shell wall of the mother-of-pearl. After feeding, the pearl layer wraps the outer nucleus layer by layer to form a semi-circle. 

At the time of collection,Pearls it is extracted together with part of the mother-of-pearl shell wall and polished into a piece of jewelry,Pearls so its individual is huge. Mabizhu is essentially a kind of regenerated pearl. Before that,Pearls each pearl shell can produce two round pearls, and then 3-7 mabizhu can be cultured,Pearls especially the output and quality of Australian Mabizhu. Very high, characterized by large particles,Pearls excellent gloss, pure silvery white and smooth surface. The smallest is also 10mm, the largest can be 17mm or more,Pearls and has a variety of shapes such as round, drop-shaped, oval and heart-shaped. The Marbi beads jewelry is very popular in the world jewelry market. Not only are they the pets of ladies and nobles,Pearls but also the unique and elegant jewelry created with Marbi beads is particularly favored by gentlemen.

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