How To Repair Rhinestone Nails

- Nov 12, 2020-

Manicure is a way that women prefer, and in the process of manicure, some nails are with diamonds. However, how to repair the nails?

How to repair nails

If the nail rhinestone out, small diamonds can be repaired with reinforcing glue or extension glue. For large rhinestones, you need to re-adhesive with professional inlay glue, and at the same time, use transparent extension glue to wrap around it. Different sizes of rhinestones choose different inlay glues and bring different firmness.

How to use nail reinforcement adhesive drill

Reinforcement glue is mainly aimed at customers with extremely thin nails. After applying the reinforcement glue, it can increase the hardness and thickness of the nails and avoid the problems of cracking and lifting of the nail polish in a short time. It is necessary to pay attention not to wipe with clean water after applying the reinforcing glue. It will be better to apply the color directly.

1. Use a glue pen to apply glue or glue on the nail surface, not by hand.

2. Then use a no-wash sealer to wrap around the diamond ornaments, which will be firmer.

3. Small diamond ornaments can be pasted with diamonds and then sealed. For large diamond ornaments, it is recommended to seal with diamonds first and then wrap the edges.

4. Finally, apply a proper amount of reinforcing glue and light it with a light for 3-5 minutes.