How To Distinguish Resin Rhinestone

- Dec 22, 2020-

1. Look: It means to see. This is mainly to analyze the brightness of the drill. Put the newly produced drills of glass drill, acrylic drill and resin drill together, and compare the brightness. The brightest is definitely It is a glass drill, followed by a resin drill, and the darkest is an acrylic drill.

2. Smell: use fire and nose to distinguish, take out the glass drill, acrylic drill and resin drill respectively, and then use the lighter to burn it. The glass will not burn if the burning time is not enough, the acrylic drill will burn it There will be a strong plastic smell, and when the resin drill burns, it will release a light rosin smell.

3. Question: This method is the most direct method. You ask the supplier. Generally, they will not deceive the consumer. They will tell you directly if it is a resin diamond.

4. Fall: Pick up the resin diamond and acrylic diamond, and gently throw them into the air. The resin diamond that did not break when falling down is the resin diamond. This is the characteristic of the resin diamond with good toughness.

5 Cut: In Chinese medicine, it means to grasp the pulse. Here it refers to the weight of the drill. The heaviest is the glass drill, the second is the resin drill, and the lightest is the acrylic drill.