How To Distinguish Pearl Powder

- Apr 08, 2020-

High-quality pearl powder: The raw material is high-quality freshwater pearls,Pearls which are selected and washed, produced according to the quality standards of medicines,Pearls  and passed the inspection. Texture: The powder is white and uniform in color,Pearls free of impurities. Feel: Feel delicate and smooth when touching, Pearls easy to be absorbed on the skin. Smell: It smells like a slight fishy smell without any other odor.

Fake pearl powder: Fake pearl powder is generally made by heating the clam shell with alkaline water and lime, Pearls and then removing the black coat on the surface, and then making it by crushing,Pearls sieving and packaging. Texture: Take a small amount of powder with your fingers,Pearls and carefully observe it under the sun or light, you can see that there is obvious flash, this is mica. Color: It is obviously whiter than pure pearl powder. This kind of fake pearl powder is mixed with hydrolyzed animal protein powder. After long-term use,Pearls mica will stick in the stomach.

Inferior pearl powder: texture: Pearls the main raw material of this powder is the powder drilled and drilled when processing pearl jewelry, mixed with talc powder. Color: yellowish,Pearls which is mainly caused by high temperature and heat during drilling. Smell: It tastes burnt or smelly when taken. The black steel needle is drilled on the pearl by heating and rotating. The fragments of the black steel needle fall in the powder and contain a lot of metal bodies. Long-term use will cause chronic poisoning.

Therefore,Pearls when consumers buy pearl powder, Pearls they must go to regular large pharmacies and pharmaceutical supermarkets to identify well-known brands.