How Much Do You Know About The Rhinestone

- Nov 16, 2020-

What is a rhinestone? Many people may not know the composition of rhinestones, but most of them have seen or own rhinestones. Rhinestones are also known as crystal diamonds, rhinestones. The main component is crystal glass, which is similar in appearance to diamonds, but is quite different from the value of diamonds. It is a kind of jewelry accessory obtained by cutting man-made crystal glass into diamond facets. This material is economical and has a diamond-like eye-catching visual effect. Therefore, it is very popular, and rhinestones are generally used in the design of medium and high-end jewelry. There are many classifications of it, which can be divided into white diamonds, colored diamonds, and colored diamonds by color.

Rhinestones are also a kind of clothing accessories, which can be applied to all kinds of clothing. Different grades and styles of clothing have corresponding rhinestones to match them.

But its application is not limited to clothing, the application of rhinestones is very wide, and all aspects of daily life can be used.

Applications on the phone case

Imagine that the phone case is covered with crystal diamonds. This noble temperament instantly raises the phone to a higher level, exuding a blingbling effect. Who can not give it a bit of love? Especially girls, I'm sorry if I don't buy one!

Application on the bag

The application of crystal diamonds makes the bag no longer a traditional, single leather. The bag decorated with crystal diamonds is like wearing a noble coat, noble and elegant, plus the multi-angle reflection of light characteristics of the rhinestones. It’s hard to go to the street or not to attract the attention of passersby

Rhinestones can be applied to shoes, such as high heels, sandals, and casual shoes. They can be wrapped around the whole body or decorated with the body of the shoe. Each match has a different style, but there is one thing in common, that is, it looks good !

In addition, there are many places where rhinestones can be used, such as hats, pens, makeup boxes, pendants, hairpins, necklaces, pendants, crystal lamps, etc. They contribute their own in every unexpected place. Value, shine

After reading these, does it surprise you? In fact, there are still many places where rhinestones are used, and I won’t list them all here. I hope that after reading these, you can have a deeper understanding of rhinestones.