Appreciation Of Pearls

- Apr 03, 2020-

The so-called "pearl treasure",Pearls gloss is the soul of pearls. The pearls with no light and less light lack the aura. To see the light, you should put the pearl flat on a soft white cloth,Pearls you can see the warm luster of the pearl overflow; while looking at the light, the good pearl can see the colorful rainbow light,Pearls the layer is rich and changeable, you can also When you see a spherical surface like a metal texture,Pearls you can even reflect the human pupils. Especially bright ones can be included in A grade, followed by B grade.

Gloss level, quality requirements: extremely strong A reflected light is particularly bright,Pearls sharp and uniform, the surface is like a mirror, the image is very clear, strong B reflected light is bright, sharp and uniform,Pearls the image is very clear, medium C reflected light is bright, the surface can see objects Image, weak D The reflected light is weak,Pearls the surface can see the object, but the image is blurred.

"One penny and one penny", "Zhu Yuan Yu Run",Pearls the more round the pearl, the more beautiful, which is in line with the Chinese people's aesthetic habits. Large-grained,Pearls round pearls show the beauty of a full moon. Together with the gloss, it creates a hazy artistic conception. The percentage of the difference between the longest diameter and the shortest diameter of the pearl ≤ 1% is a perfect circle standard,Pearls 1% ≤ diameter difference ratio ≤ 5% is a circle standard,Pearls and between 5% and 10% is a near circle. But most of the time, you can see the roundness with your own eyes.