Tahiti Black Pearl

- Apr 07, 2020-

Tahitian black pearls (Tahitian,Pearls also known as Tahitian black pearls) are produced in the coral atolls of the French Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific. Mother-of-pearl is a black butterfly shell that secretes black nacre. The beauty of black pearl is that it has a variety of colorful colors on the black tone of the sky.Pearls The most appreciated are iridescent colors such as peacock,Pearls deep purple,Pearls and sea blue. Her strong metallic luster changes with the rotation of the pearl, far from other changes. Pearls are comparable. Generally,Pearls the diameter of black pearls is 8 to 16 mm. From round to pear-shaped or even ring-shaped.

Tahiti black pearl gives a vivid style. This type of pearl is traditionally called black pearl,Pearls but their color series consists of the color of metallic silver-pencil lead. In this series of colors,Pearls they are also accompanied by overtones of different colors under the refraction of light, such as green, intense purple,Pearls or sea blue.