Pearl Trait Identification

- Apr 15, 2020-

Natural pearls are spherical, elliptical, irregular spherical or oblong,Pearls with a diameter of 1 to 6 mm. The surface is white, yellowish white, light pink, light blue, etc.Pearls with beautiful color luster and smooth. Most of the pearls that have been decorated have perforations in the center. It is hard and hard to break,Pearls and its section is layered. There is a crackling sound with fire. No gas, slightly salty taste. The shape of cultured pearls is similar to natural pearls,Pearls but the surface gloss is weak. There are round sand or cassia granules in the center of the cross section,Pearls and there is a thin layer of real pearls on the surface. Only the nacre layer is used for medicine. No gas, slightly salty taste. However, Pearls the appearance of Hepu ecological pearls has greatly improved the quality of cultured pearls.

Fold it and make it into granular pearls from mussels. Produced throughout the year, usually in June,Pearls dive to the bottom of the sea,Pearls remove sea mussels from aquatic plants or stones, and remove pearls from them. The meat is edible.