Pearl Shape Classification

- Apr 18, 2020-

Round bead: Refers to a round-shaped pearl,Pearls which is divided into three types according to roundness, namely,Pearls round bead, round bead and near round bead. Positive round beads refer to the ones with the best roundness,Pearls which are also commonly known in the market as walking beads, with the largest diameter and the smallest

The ratio of the difference in diameter to the average diameter is less than one percent;Pearls round beads refer to pearls with a very round shape,Pearls and the percentage of the diameter difference is between one percent and five percent; Pearls close to round beads have a diameter difference between 5 and 10 percent. Elliptical bead refers to the shape of a flat face,Pearls with one or two sides approximately flat, such as oblate, oblong, pie, diamond, square,Pearls etc. This type of pearl is most suitable for making pearl beads. Mabi beads are a kind of half-sided pearls,Pearls also known as Mabe beads, bun beads and semi-round beads, also known as mabe beads. In addition to round beads, elliptical beads, and Mabi beads,Pearls there are also many pearls with different shapes. Pear-shaped, drop-shaped, rice-shaped, potato-shaped, bean-shaped,Pearls and other shapes of pearls are collectively referred to as shaped pearls. .

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