Pearl care should pay attention to acid

- Apr 04, 2020-

Pearl is always loved by people for its warmth, elegance,Pearls magnificence, and is known as the queen of jewelry. The ingredient of pearl is calcium carbonate with mechanism,Pearls poor chemical stability, soluble in acid and alkali, not suitable for contact with perfume, oil, salt, alcohol, hair lotion,Pearls vinegar and dirt in daily life; it is not allowed to contact banana water, etc. Organic solvent; the body sweats a lot in summer,Pearls and it is not suitable to wear a pearl necklace. When not in use,Pearls wipe it with a soft and slightly damp clean cotton cloth to dry it and keep it. It can not be cleaned with any cleaning agent; do not expose to the sun or bake in the sun; Put the camphor balls together,Pearls and don't put them in the bank's vault for a long time. The hardness of pearls is low. White pearls that have been worn for a long time will yellow and make the gloss worse. They can be bleached with 1%-1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Be careful not to float too far,Pearls otherwise they will lose their gloss.

Anti-acid erosion: In order not to affect the luster and color of pearls, they should be protected from acid,Pearls alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap,Pearls and setting water. Do not wear pearl jewelry for swimming or bathing. So please put on your lovely pearls after makeup. Keep away from the kitchen: There are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl,Pearls so it is not appropriate to let it inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls will absorb hair spray, perfume and other substances. So don't wear beautiful pearls to send hair,Pearls and be careful in the kitchen. Don't wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and oil fumes may penetrate the pearl and make it yellow.

Serve with cashmere cloth: every time you wear the pearl (especially on a hot day),Pearls you must wipe the pearl clean before putting it away,Pearls you can maintain the luster of the pearl. It is best to use sheepskin or delicate flannel,Pearls and do not use facial paper, because the friction of some facial paper will wear pearls.