How To Distinguish Crystal Rhinestones Simply

- Apr 13, 2020-

Crystal is a colorless and transparent large quartz crystal mineral. Its main chemical composition is silicon dioxide and its chemical formula is SiO2. The crystal is colorless, purple,crystal rhinestones yellow, green and smoke, etc. The glass is shiny and transparent to translucent. Hardness 7, brittle,crystal rhinestones no cleavage; crystal density 2.56-2.66 g/cm3, crystal refractive index 1.544-1.553, hardly exceeding this range; crystal dispersion 0.013,crystal rhinestones crystal melting point 1713℃.

When it is pure, it forms colorless and transparent crystals, when it contains trace elements Al, Fe,crystal rhinestones etc., it is purple, yellow, brown, etc. After irradiating the trace elements, different types of color centers are formed,crystal rhinestones resulting in different colors, such as purple, yellow, brown, Pink etc. Containing associated minerals are called inclusion crystals,crystal rhinestones such as hair crystals, green ghosts, etc. The inclusions are rutile, tourmaline, actinolite, mica, chlorite,crystal rhinestones etc.

If you want to distinguish diamonds, zircons, crystals, and glass, these kinds of common ornaments,crystal rhinestones in the laboratory, there are many instruments, such as refractometers, infrared spectroscopy, etc. Usually,crystal rhinestones if the naked eye distinguishes, mainly use optical knowledge, The method is as follows: put a straight line on a piece of paper,crystal rhinestones put the above four jewelry on the top, the diamond can't see the line below,crystal rhinestones the other three can see the line below, this is to distinguish the diamond. Rotating jewelry, zircon When the crystal rotates, crystal rhinestones the lines will bend, but the glass will not