Characteristics Of Several Rhinestones Types

- Apr 11, 2020-

When many friends buy jewelry,rhinestones they often hear the word "diamond",rhinestones which probably understands the meaning of imitation diamonds. In fact, rhinestones are just a generic term for imitation diamonds,rhinestones and rhinestones have many distinctions. So what is the so-called "diamond"? What is the difference between it and the real diamond?rhinestones The following is the type of "diamond" that you usually see on the market:

Glass: It is easy to distinguish fake diamonds ground from glass,rhinestones because of its low refractive index, there is no flickering colored light like real diamonds,rhinestones and some experienced people will know at a glance. And this "diamond" is often used in relatively cheap jewelry. Artificial spinel: It lacks the glittering color of diamonds. If it is immersed in diiodomethane,rhinestones its outline will be blurred. The outline of a real diamond is very clear. Artificial sapphire: colorless and transparent artificial sapphire can also be used as a substitute for diamond after being polished. But it almost disappeared in "diiodomethane",rhinestones and the edges of real diamonds were dark and very clear. Crystal and Topaz: The transparent crystals of these two natural minerals are similar to diamonds after being polished,rhinestones but they lack the brilliance of diamonds. And they are all "non-homogeneous bodies",rhinestones and diamonds are "homogeneous bodies",rhinestones which are easier to distinguish with a polarimeter.