Analyzing Pearl's Defects from the Micro

- Apr 09, 2020-

There are a variety of microorganisms growing,Pearls and mother-of-pearl may also be affected by certain pathogens during the growth process for several years. At the same time,Pearls the core insertion technology may also affect the formation of pearls and their cortex, so truly completely smooth and flawless pearls Is very rare. Most cultured pearls will have more or less "blisters", "patterns",Pearls ""waistlines", "wrinkles", "pits" and other flaws on the surface. This is also the theory of "flawless not beaded" as the old saying goes according to.

A 100% flawless pearl is theoretically non-existent, Pearls because even if it is difficult to see with the naked eye, with the help of a magnifying glass of 10 times or higher,Pearls you can still see that the surface of the pearl is like a lunar surface with uneven texture. From a practical point of view,Pearls there are indeed some pearls that are almost invisible to the naked eye or extremely ugly to any flaws. Since they are not engaged in scientific research,Pearls in the field of commercial applications, industry experts call them flawless. In the national standard "Pearl Grading Standard",Pearls the definition of "flawless" is "the surface is smooth and delicate when visually observed, and it is extremely unsightly to have flaws". Please note that the quantitative determination of "100%" cannot be added in front. As for "perfection",Pearls from the perspective of qualitative description, non-rigorous occasions can be said,Pearls but in the strict occasions where the product level is determined, it can not be said.